pondelok, 16. októbra 2017


Hello, dollies! How are you?

My plan of posting 2 posts a week is failing miserably because of my busy schedule, but at least I always post an OOTD one a week which is great.

In this outfit I was trying to dress in a lot of typical fall colours such as mustard, black and red and to be honest, it worked out haha. I don't have much to say I mean this outfit is pretty boring and not really my style. Enjoy!

pondelok, 9. októbra 2017


Hello, dollies! How are you?


I'm back with another ootd. I'm not as active as I used to because my school's been stressing me out and somehow I got injured in the month of September and I can't really walk so that's fun. I haven't been enjoying autumn as much as I used to and that is because I'm crazy busy and if I'm not, then I'm tired of being so busy. You know, it's a vicious circle, you can't really help it.

Enough of this boring talk. Let's get to the outfit! I went for an old school skinhead vibe inspired by the 90s (UK skinheads to be exact). Yes, I know I'm not wearing galluses which is the epidemy of an old school skinhead, but in my defense I forgot about them and I wasn't trying to recreate their outfits. I was just inspired. :D You get me right?

pondelok, 2. októbra 2017


Hello, dollies!

*skinhead series*

This post should've been up like 2 weeks ago, haha. Too busy & lazy. I'm showing you a basic outfit, of course skinhead inspired obviously.

How are you doing? How's life going? I've never been so miserable. I'm even injured. Gotta keep going.

nedeľa, 24. septembra 2017

Sorry for being M.I.A.

Hello dollies!

I've been a little bit absent on here and that's because school's been crazy and to be frank, I'm really busy and the only thing I wanna do in my spare time is just lying in bed (and crying, but I can't control that). I'll add something soon because I have pictures and all, but no time to edit them and post them.

If you want to stay in touch with me add me on instagram: @jayypam and @valleyofthedollss1.

See you soon!


nedeľa, 10. septembra 2017


Hello, dollies! How are you?

I'm feeling terrible. I don't know why, to be frank. I'm keeping a lot of emotions to myself and it truly tortures me. I don't know how to let them out and it makes me really unhappy, frustrated and angry. I hope it'll get better.

Today's post is an og ootd. I decided to wear something more pastel because it's a nice change. I'd love to wear more pastel pieces in the future. What do you think about pastels for fall? Let me know.