nedeľa, 24. septembra 2017

Sorry for being M.I.A.

Hello dollies!

I've been a little bit absent on here and that's because school's been crazy and to be frank, I'm really busy and the only thing I wanna do in my spare time is just lying in bed (and crying, but I can't control that). I'll add something soon because I have pictures and all, but no time to edit them and post them.

If you want to stay in touch with me add me on instagram: @jayypam and @valleyofthedollss1.

See you soon!


nedeľa, 10. septembra 2017


Hello, dollies! How are you?

I'm feeling terrible. I don't know why, to be frank. I'm keeping a lot of emotions to myself and it truly tortures me. I don't know how to let them out and it makes me really unhappy, frustrated and angry. I hope it'll get better.

Today's post is an og ootd. I decided to wear something more pastel because it's a nice change. I'd love to wear more pastel pieces in the future. What do you think about pastels for fall? Let me know.

nedeľa, 3. septembra 2017


Hey!! How are you?

As I promised in my last post, I'm doing a post about my trip to Spis Castle (Spišský Hrad). I went there 2 weeks ago with my love David (links to his social media at the end of this post). I enjoyed it a lot even tho I'd been there many times before. The whole castle is huge and magnificent. I highly recommend visiting it.

Now let's start with the spam. Enjoy.

štvrtok, 31. augusta 2017


Hello! How are you doing?

Yet another ootd? I know. They are getting boring. I'll try to post about makeup as well in the near future as well writing a bit more about my personal life. Next post is going to be about my trip to Spis Castle and get ready for shit tons of pictures! I'm excited.

How are your last days of summer going? I'm actually quite happy, which doesn't happen that often. I'm trying not to think about school and stress about how hard the next year is going to be. I'm graduating this year and let me tell ya...I'm certainly not ready! :D

pondelok, 28. augusta 2017


Heyy. How are you?

Skinhead series (too soon?)! If you had been following my blog for a while, you would have know that I've been doing these 'skinhead series' for 3 years now. It always starts at the beginning of autumn season, when everything get colourful and you can feel the atmosphere changing. Ahhh I love it. Even though summer is still upon us, I felt like putting on a hooligan tee and starting my skinhead series sooner!

Disclaimer: I love fashion that is associated to skinheads not their ideology or violence they may cause.

Check my past outfits from skinhead series! Romper StomperOnly fools get caughtLondon skinhead crew.