štvrtok 18. decembra 2014


Sorrow. Do you know it? Sadness. Better word. Loneliness? Hopeless feeling? Yes. I do know this words. I've been through it, trough hard times. Life is beautiful, but..sometimes it's hard to get up in the morning and go to sleep at night. Sometimes it's hard to brush your teeth and get dressed. Sometimes it's hard to say I love you, when you are not feeling anything. It's hard. It's depression. 
It is hard to live with. You are not able to do anything. You can't get up, you can't study, get dressed..It's pointless. All you want to do is to lay in your bed wainting for your death. Anxiety attacks you everytime. Your family thinks you are freak. Your friends think you are freak. But you are not. You are sad. You can't do much with it. 
I've been there. If you need some help, please contact me, I am here for you. 

pondelok 15. decembra 2014


Hi. Haven't speak to you in a while huh? Today I want to post some pictures from tumblr and we heart it. These pics are mainly grungy themed, bc I love grunge. It's my fave style and just .. Kurt right..I can't write today I am so sorry.
Better post coming up: xmas pictures; another inspiration and winter faves. If you have any idea what should I post next, please leave a comment.

 Can we just talk about the body amd the hair.

 Always a winner.
Me. (Instagram jayypam)

utorok 2. decembra 2014

I wish that I could be like the cool kids.

Hi. I am ill again. Great. I'm lying in bed with disgusting herbal tea and a big hoodie. I wanted to do an OOTD so bad, but I can't. I am shitty person.
For the tittle: yes. I want to be a "cool kid".(btw I love that song.)
I don't know what to write here. I am useless. Only thing that I do is being on instagram 24/7. ( my name jayypam )
Slowly I am getting into the x-mas mood. This friday I am hoping, I will go to fair(I think this is how you call it I am not sure). I want to eat everything there.
Speaking about food, I can't stop eating. It is insane. For real now. Ugh.
I hope you have a good day.

sobota 29. novembra 2014


Hi. Haven´t been posting I know, I am sorry. I have been quite busy, we had a lot of things in school like tests (a lot of tests), homework and projects. Also gymnastics..Just I had hectic November.
I did not have any motivation to do anything, to put on makeup, to dress up. I wore jeans and hoodie all the time. It was just all bad.
Also, one of my family members past away..I went on funeral and I cried really bad.  Then I couldn´t sleep.
But anyway, I am back. That´s all that matters, right? eh..
OOTD. (this picture is so old. it´s way colder now.)
This is a basic outfit, I wore it all the time.
Cardi, tee, skirt-H&M
Shoes- Converse
You can see my "beautiful" backpack.

nedeľa 2. novembra 2014


Hi everybody. I haven't done this post in a long time, and I am sorry. I think that even though you don't like book or poemes, or you are not interested in it, you should now Emily. She is really amaznig. Take that one minute of your life and read this.
This poeme is magically gorgeous. I love it.
 Slovak translation:

piatok 31. októbra 2014


Hi. These are the photos that I promised in my las post which was ootd. :)
 Abandoned building.

 My biggest love.

No effect I swear, my camera is interesting..

štvrtok 30. októbra 2014


Hi. I am officialy back. I've been sick for more than 2 weeks, and I still am, but I go to school everyday so..I participate in life again.
On monday, my boyfriend and I, went to take some photos, just for fun and they turned out pretty interesting so I thought why not to add them here. He can't take photos..you will see. But he tried, I love him.
Next post I will add similar photos that I took. Hope you enjoy.

Jacket(Harrington)- Resistance (you can't get it anymore bc it's forbidden, and yea I am rebel)
Dress- H&M
Sweater- thrift store originally from Marks&Spencer
Shoes-H&M (sorry Alex)
Necklase- Ebay
 Lipstick- NYC
Nail polish- Catrice in The Dark Knight
So grungy.
More photos soon. Bye!

pondelok 13. októbra 2014

nedeľa 12. októbra 2014


Hi. First of all: I apologize for not posting anything. I wanted to post OOTD, but I am sick. Like really sick. So I stay at home everyday so no special outfits or anything..And I am tired it´s insane.
But that´s besides the point, let´s talk about beauty.
I am going to talk about CLEN&CLEAR DEEP CLEANSING LOTION. My experience with clean & clear is really bad, so far. I regret buying this.
One good thing: It was on a sale (that was a reason why I bought it). Also it says that is oil free and it has oil-fighting formula. It helps a bit, but not that much. Sometimes I woke up with normal face, it wasn´t oily but sometimes I woke up and my face was oily like..you could fry on it. Ugh.
Bad things: It says that it helps prevent spots. Common now, it doesn´t do anything. Like you are putting it on your face and nothing happens. I am using it more than a month, and nothing has changed. Nothing.
This is my first review in my life. IT IS PROBABLY THE WORST REVIEW YOU HAVE EVER READ.:D It will get better I promise.
Your experience with Clean&Clear? Leave me a comment.

streda 8. októbra 2014


Hi. First question: What is your fave time of the year? For me it is fall.(obviously) I love the air, the colours, the trees and the leaves, the atmosphere and fashion. I think fall is a bit scary for me, bc of halloween, but that is so magic. I mean, it really is. All the ghost and haunted houses. Aww I love it. Also I feel really good bc I think of my grandparents a lot. I like to light canles for them. It doesn´t make me sad anymore. Also I am graceful.
Fall is such an amazing season of the year and people should give it more attention. Everyone loves wearing hoodies and darker colours and blankets and being cosy as well. I think it is better than summer. I love to make myself a tea, light my candle and read The perks of being a wallflower.
Think about it.
What do you think about fall? Do you like it? What do you like about it most?

Pictures from tumblr.

pondelok 6. októbra 2014


Hi. On weekend I went to a cottage, but we stopped at Poprad, which is a city in Slovakia. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Slovakia. The atmosphere is so tranquil and calm. I just love it. It is even more beautiful more in fall, because of the leaves falling off and the weather. I took some pictures. Hope you like it.(I took them with my phone so..quality)

 My pretty cousin. We went to pizzeria.

Centre of the city,
We also went to H&M.
Have you ever visited Poprad? Do you like this city? Would you like to visit it?
What is your fave city? Leave a comment below!

streda 1. októbra 2014


I thought I would change my blog a little bit. I want to write posts about beauty and fashion. Also, I will write in English, because I have to learn it somehow. So if I made any mistakes, feel free to correct me.
 Starting out with mascara. So this is Rimmel Scandal eyes as you can tell and I love this. It´s not that great as a Maybelline Rocket Volume Express mascara, but still a good one. This makes your eye lashes kind of "spidery" and long. It stays on pretty long and it looks really good, if you are a fan of thick and a bit bold eye lashes. It is also great for everyday (and school as well).
 Second, is this beautiful babe. I am a fan of bold and dark lipsticks, but this one..I don´t know. It´s not dark but it´s not light. I would describe it as a dark nude, rosy pinky dusty colour. THAT MAKES NO SENCE AT ALL:D I wear this everyday to school under a Rimmel lipgloss. It will dry out your lips if you don´t put a lipbalm underneath it, but in the end it´s a good quality one and also unexpensive.
And lastly I have a lipgloss, which is really rare for me, because I never wear it. But this one is good looking with the Rimmel London lipstick that I´ve just talked about. It´s in a shade: SNOG.
Have you ever tried these products? If you have leave me a comment please.

streda 3. septembra 2014



streda 20. augusta 2014

nedeľa 10. augusta 2014


Ahoj. Určite poznáte všerky tie grafické a holografické printy. Je to považované za soft grunge dokonca až grunge (Charlie Barker vyhľadajte si ju na instagrame.♡) Pripadá mi to trochu divné voči Kurtovi Cobainovi, ale dobre no. Čo som chcela povedať je že tento trend je celkom fajn a že sa DÚFAM nedostane do rúk swagerom.(ak k nim patríte nič proti)
Unif ma prekvapil v tomto smere.(odveci ale pozrite si ich veci)
A samozrejme úplne odveci príspevok. Čo si o tom trende myslíte vy?

nedeľa 3. augusta 2014


Ahoj. Chystám sa do Krakowa tento týždeň, tak môžem urobiť nejaké fotky.
Potom pôjdem do Žiliny strážic dzeci.:)
Chcela som vám len napísať, že aj napriek tomu že nie je žiadna škola, život v lete je ťažký. Teda aspoň pre mňa.
Všetky tie kraťasy a tie dievčatá ktoré v nich vyzerajú ako bohyne. Je to trochu deprimujúce.
Všetko to oblečenie a jasné farby. Ugh. Nie prosím.
Všetky tie účesy a vlasy. Ja tie moje musím mať stále hore v cope inak by som vyzerala ako kvalitne spotené prasiatko.
A v konečnom dôsledku nemám rada keď je horúco, vtedy sa mi absolútne nechce nič robiť.
Keby som sa zmestila do Ska tak by som to brala pozitívnejšie.
Pardon za dávku negativity ale neviem si pomôcť. Čo vy? Máte radi leto?

štvrtok 24. júla 2014

See you soon.

Ahoj. Nedávno sa moja najlepšia kamarátka Alex z http://www.alexandrak-fashion.blogspot.sk/ zmienila o mojom blogu.
Totižto Alex žije v Nemecku. Odsťahovala sa minulé leto. Boli sme najlepšie kamarátky už od škôlky. Bála som sa o naše kamarátstvo ale ešte stále držíme spolu a stále ju mám čím ďalej tým viac rada. Ako ona napísala: SHE´S MY MARINA, tak ONA JE MOJA LANA DEL REY.
Nezabudnem ani na jednu spomienku a ani na jeden úsmev.
Stále mi chýba. Ale ja ju raz prídem navštíviť a bude aj ľutovať. V tom dobrom zmysle samozrejme.:)
Už sa teším ako si spolu zapálime a budeme ako Ginger a Rosa.
Stále spolu Saška.

My soft grunge sista.

utorok 22. júla 2014


Ahoj. Pche, ako si užívate leto?
Ja som už bola na dovolenke v Bulharsku a aj na koncerte. Čo mi viac chýba.
Vy idete niekam?
Sme zase pri E.D. lebo ona je proste dokonalá a jej tvorba je...magická. Nikdy ma ešte neprestala nudiť. Máte ju radi? Akého poeta/poetku ešte obdivujete?
Rozhodla som sa že básne nebudem prepisovať proste ich odfotím. Ktorú techniku preferujete? Veľa otázok viem...dopredu sa ospravedlňujem za zlú kvalitu. OOPS

Páči sa vám?

pondelok 2. júna 2014


Ahoj. Aký štýl preferujete? Ja osobne milujem grunge. Neobliekam sa tak lebo na to nemám.
Hah, vtipne.