sobota 29. novembra 2014


Hi. Haven´t been posting I know, I am sorry. I have been quite busy, we had a lot of things in school like tests (a lot of tests), homework and projects. Also gymnastics..Just I had hectic November.
I did not have any motivation to do anything, to put on makeup, to dress up. I wore jeans and hoodie all the time. It was just all bad.
Also, one of my family members past away..I went on funeral and I cried really bad.  Then I couldn´t sleep.
But anyway, I am back. That´s all that matters, right? eh..
OOTD. (this picture is so old. it´s way colder now.)
This is a basic outfit, I wore it all the time.
Cardi, tee, skirt-H&M
Shoes- Converse
You can see my "beautiful" backpack.

nedeľa 2. novembra 2014


Hi everybody. I haven't done this post in a long time, and I am sorry. I think that even though you don't like book or poemes, or you are not interested in it, you should now Emily. She is really amaznig. Take that one minute of your life and read this.
This poeme is magically gorgeous. I love it.
 Slovak translation: