štvrtok 18. decembra 2014


Sorrow. Do you know it? Sadness. Better word. Loneliness? Hopeless feeling? Yes. I do know this words. I've been through it, trough hard times. Life is beautiful, but..sometimes it's hard to get up in the morning and go to sleep at night. Sometimes it's hard to brush your teeth and get dressed. Sometimes it's hard to say I love you, when you are not feeling anything. It's hard. It's depression. 
It is hard to live with. You are not able to do anything. You can't get up, you can't study, get dressed..It's pointless. All you want to do is to lay in your bed wainting for your death. Anxiety attacks you everytime. Your family thinks you are freak. Your friends think you are freak. But you are not. You are sad. You can't do much with it. 
I've been there. If you need some help, please contact me, I am here for you. 

pondelok 15. decembra 2014


Hi. Haven't speak to you in a while huh? Today I want to post some pictures from tumblr and we heart it. These pics are mainly grungy themed, bc I love grunge. It's my fave style and just .. Kurt right..I can't write today I am so sorry.
Better post coming up: xmas pictures; another inspiration and winter faves. If you have any idea what should I post next, please leave a comment.

 Can we just talk about the body amd the hair.

 Always a winner.
Me. (Instagram jayypam)

utorok 2. decembra 2014

I wish that I could be like the cool kids.

Hi. I am ill again. Great. I'm lying in bed with disgusting herbal tea and a big hoodie. I wanted to do an OOTD so bad, but I can't. I am shitty person.
For the tittle: yes. I want to be a "cool kid".(btw I love that song.)
I don't know what to write here. I am useless. Only thing that I do is being on instagram 24/7. ( my name jayypam )
Slowly I am getting into the x-mas mood. This friday I am hoping, I will go to fair(I think this is how you call it I am not sure). I want to eat everything there.
Speaking about food, I can't stop eating. It is insane. For real now. Ugh.
I hope you have a good day.