sobota 31. januára 2015


Sometimes I don't want to wake up, because my dreams are happier than my actual life.
Hi everyone. Do you remember your dreams? What do you dream about? Are dreams important for you? To tell you the truth, for me dreams means a lot, I don't know why.. Dreams are my deepest thoughts. Yesterday I dreamed about my grandma, that's cute I know, but the thing is she is dead for 12 years. I can't get over her death. In my dream, we were talking and eating and I was looking at her while she was reading. I remember that I came around while she was sleeping, just to see if she is ok. You honestly don't understand how happy I was. I felt sorry that I had to leave her and wake up. I didn't want to, trust me.
But on the other side my dreams are so scary sometimes, I don't want to fall asleep. It's really hard.
What's your opinion on dreams? Tell me in the comments.
She lived in this village.

štvrtok 1. januára 2015


Hi. Happy new year everybody.
This year was hard, not as hard as 2013, but still. I am glad that I am alive and not burried 6 feet under the dirt.
You know, being bestie with depression is hard, I can tell, but fighting with it, it's hard even more. But..I did it. I won. I am still struggling a bit, but I don't really mind. Everyone does.
So I hope that you will never have to struggle with mental illness. It is not fun.
Also I want to mention that this is the first year when I am without my best friend Alex. I miss you buddy. I really do. Thanks fot being here for me, even though you are miles and miles away.
I am also thankful for my boyfriend. He was so patient with me. He was alone when I was away for the month and he was sad, but he did not forget about me. He loved me. And he still loves me. I hope that one day we will buy a house and I will buy you a dog and I will make your favourite food everyday. I love you.
And my dear family. I hope you won't be sad anymore, you won't cry anymore. Daddy please don't cry. I know it's hard to stand next to your moms grave and not to cry. I know. Mommy, please don't go. Please come back home. We miss you. I know you are sad too. But please..don't cry. Brother, please come back home. Please find some love. I love you.
I love you all. Thank you.