sobota 17. októbra 2015


Hello lovelies! How are you?

Today I have this outfit for you. I took these pictures on Tuesday and it was very cold that's why I'm wearing a thick coat and two pairs of thights(even though you can't see them). I actually really like this outfit and I think it's very suitable for school. What do you think?

Coat-New Yorker
Cardigan-New Yorker
Choker-Gift (but if you know where I can purchase more let me know!)



utorok 13. októbra 2015


Hello everybody, how is your life going? :)

The weather here in Slovakia is insane. Yesterday I woke up and my dad told me that it snowed in some cities. And it's only 2 degrees Celsius. It was a shocking message, because I didn't expect winter to come so early.(Does that make any sense?) Anyway, this outfit is from Sunday when I went to my first cheer practise and let me tell you, I was freezing! But the practise was nice.

Back to the outfit:

I seriously don't know what happened to the quality of these photos, but I'll figure it out. I don't want my pictures to be unfocussed. Ugh so mad.

Jacket-Resistance (you won't be able to find the same one because it's not allowed to sell this brand anymore, but you can find similar harrington jackets from brands like Lonsdale or Everlast)
Scarf-it says H.I.S


I hope you enjoyed this little post and find it interesting. Tell me about weather in your country! Is it crazy like ours? Let me know! :)


piatok 9. októbra 2015


Hi my lovelies! How are you today?

Since I'm really sick and not feeling better, I thought I'd write this kind of post. I will share my thoughts on certain fashion trends and let you know what I like about them the most.


I think all of you know this trend by now. It's very popular and you can buy it almost everywhere. I'd like to ask you one question: do you like this trend? I do. Why?

Well, I like the idea of not showing decolletage since I don't have big boobs. Also it's very flattering when it comes to girls like me, simply because I personally think it looks better on girls without big breasts.

The next thing is that it looks so effortless and pretty. You can make it sophisticated and minimalistic at the same time. And I love the 60s/70s vibe of them.

I didn't take any pictures of me wearing them but I have some posts on my blog with these type of Tshirts. You can see it herehere and here.

I recommend getting them from H&M. It's cheap and good quality.

So, how do you like this trend? Do you have something like this in your wardrobe? Let me know.


streda 7. októbra 2015


29.9.15/festival day

No matter how hard I try, I always end up alone. I don't know why. I have always wondered why. At first, I thought it was the people. But the older I get, the more I realize that the mistake is in me. I remember how my mom said: You should think about how you act to others. There's mistake in you not in them.

And now I know she was right. But I don't know why. I try. I try my hardest to talk to people, to go out with them(like today). But I always end up feeling alone and I always end up standing behind them. I tried everything. I tried makeup, I tried going all natural, I tried to be someone I am not, I tried to be myself...nothing works.

I know I am an introvert but I want to fit in, I want to participate in life. I don't wanna be left behind like today or yesterday or other days..

Maybe I am meant to be alone.

But feeling of constant loneliness is exhausting. Rejection is exhausting. What should I do? I really don't know.

This was written after festival. I was feeling very bad. I went there with my two very good friends. We were having fun and everything until they started talking and dancing with 2 guys standing next to us. There were so many people I couldn't even get close to them. So I stood behind them dancing and singing alone the whole time. I didn't want to dance or sing. I felt lonely in crowd of people. After 2 hours my two friends finally decided to go home. They hugged the guys and we went home. One of my friends felt sorry for me, but in fact, it was me who couldn't meet new people or make new friends.

Next time I'll make some.


nedeľa 4. októbra 2015


Hello lovelies! How are you? :)

Today I have a favourites post for you. I haven't done this kind of post in a long time, mainly because I wasn't sure if you'd like it and I don't try a lot of new products. But on the other hand, I find these posts/videos quite interesting. I hope you like it.

 My first favourite is this Extra Wow Lash mascara by Rimmel London. I got it for Christmas from my friend and I wasn't a fan of it. But now I am, because it's a lash building mascara, which means you can build up the volume and lenght. You can make it natural for school/day time or you can make it dramatic for a night out.

 My second favourite is this bold berry lipstick from Rimmel London. I think I've showed it to you in other post. It's basically dark berry toned lipstick. Love it.

 The next favourite is this Base and top coat from Miss Sporty. I love painting my nails and taking care of them, that's why I bought this little guy. This really helps with staying power of any nail polish. I really do recommend it.

 Fave nail polish is this one by Miss Sporty. I did wear different colours but this one was my favourite. It kind of changes colour.

 I love reading books. This month I read The woman without a number by Iby Knill. It's very interesting and catchy. It's about a woman which was in Auschwitz, It's kind of sad and rough at the same time. Beware.
And lastly, this green tea from Julius Meinl. I take green tea to school everyday, because it's very good for you and also it wakes you up. :)

As for Tv shows I have been loving Glee and Awkward.

Some of my favourite songs:

What are your favourites? Let me know!