sobota 12. novembra 2016


Hello! How are you?

I teamed up with MakeSpace which is a service that comes to your place, grabs your stuff and stores it! Through the use of the app you can tell them to bring whatever you need whenever you want it! Unfortunately, it only available in the US, but how cool would it be if we had it in Slovakia too? My closet is cluttered up really badly haha, so it would definitely be handy for me. If you are from the US, check their locations page.

I am showing you my fall must-haves because fall fashion is my fave. You can see my favourite pieces you had seen before because I always wear them (sorry).

Also, just a disclaimer, I wasn't able to take pictures outside because it was raining for the past few days. I apologize. Hope you understand.

 Must-haves: Bomber jacket plus black oversized hoodie I have stolen from my brother

nedeľa 6. novembra 2016


Hello, lovelies!


I promise you, I will try my hardest to post outfits with a different jacket. I wear this bomber every day because it is comfy and stylish (and black). This is what I like to wear on a day to day bases. Indeed, it's really similar to my last post (and second last post ehm). 

This is from the day I didn't go to school because I felt really bad. My bones felt heavy and my mind was sick. My health has been getting worse and worse, so hopefully it will all get better soon. If it doesn't, I will probably go to a hospital. I will let you know.

štvrtok 27. októbra 2016


Hello, lovelies!

Happy Halloween!!

Today I have an autumn outfit for you with a twist. This is my bunny costume that is appropriate for school since people in our country don't really celebrate Halloween. Also, this outfit is a little bit different for me because I wanted to style a pencil skirt like this for ages, but I couldn't think of any casual ways of styling it. This is what I came up with today. I hope you will enjoy it as much as me! (shout out to my boyfriend for these pictures!)

nedeľa 16. októbra 2016


Hello, everyone! How are you today?


I've been absent on my blog recently because of health problems. It had gotten much worse two weeks ago and I ended up going to the doctors this week, so I missed out in school again. I wasn't having a good time really, even tho I didn't go to school.

Frankly, I did think about my blog. I hung out with my boyfriend yesterday and he was kind enough to take pictures of me.

Fall season is a season for all black witchy outfits and that's why I'm serving you this black look featuring my new bomber jacket. Excitement. I must admit I love my original harrington more, tho. Nonetheless, I am in love with this dark outfit so I hope you will be too!

 Spot my bomber jacket.

štvrtok 13. októbra 2016

nedeľa 25. septembra 2016


Hello beautiful people! How are you?

*Do you want fall outfit series? Let me know!*

Autumn is finally upon us and frankly, I am feeling the excitement going though my veins. I love autumn. It is inspiring, melancholic, gloomy and incredibly beautiful. Who agrees? I find myself way more creative in these colder seasons. On the other hand, I am also way more sad. Not sure why, but I heard that people are digging deeper into themselves when it comes to autumn/winter. What do you think? I think it is true. Indeed, that is my case, I am really sensitive to weather changes (including seasons of course!).

I have a relaxed and casual outfit for you that I wore on Thursday. School has started and slowly it is becoming harder and harder. I am fine with it (surprisingly). BTW: I love this weather! I love love love autumn clothes so much. Fall fashion in general is stunning and way more appealing (at least to me).


sobota 3. septembra 2016


Hello everybody! Are you excited for my fall series? I have done it last year and I have truly enjoyed it.

This is the first "autumn" related post, although the pictures were taken in summer. It was colder that day so..pssst. Me and my friend went on a little trip and we had a nice time. I only have three pictures which is sad, but when doing these series I will try to take more pictures and create better content. I hope you are excited as much as I am.

nedeľa 28. augusta 2016


Throwback to my travel diaries series.

Hello! Ever since we have left Rumunia, I did not have an acces to my laptop, because it is being repaired. I asked my friend to borrow me his laptop so here I am. 
I hope I will get my laptop as soon as possible, because I am planning tons of fall outfits and other exciting things! Enjoy this little throwback and I will hopefully see you soon.

utorok 9. augusta 2016



Hello everybody! How are you?

I must admit I am not in Bulgaria anymore, but frankly the WiFi in our hotel was so bad, I just could not be bothered to post anything. So, I am back! I am in Romania righ now. Actually, I am leaving tomorrow and finally going home from this 2 weeks long vacation. I am happy to go home. I want to be in my bed again and meet my friends. I will do an uptade on my social life soon because I think you would find it interesting. Enough rambling now. Enjoy my last post from Golden Sands! :) (and look forward to post from Targoviste, Romania!)

pondelok 1. augusta 2016


Hello everyone! How are you?

The WiFi in our hotel did not work yesterday so I couldn´t add a post. I apologize. Frankly, the WiFi is still shit and it is taking me ages to do anything. 

These pictures were taken two days ago when we first went to the Golden Sands city. I am not a big fan of it since the clubs there are really inappropriate, They sexualize women in the worst way possible and I was quite disgusted. Not mentioning that the clubs are close to hotels where families live with their little kids. Oh and also, it is really messy.

But other than that it´s okay. 

piatok 29. júla 2016



Guys!! We have finally made it!

Hello everyone! How are you today?

We have finally arrived to Golden Sands, Bulgaria. From my last post, you may know that me and my father stayed in Sofia for one day and after that we went to a long journey to Golden Sands. We got lost probably like 4 times because my father thought he was smarter than GPS and he was not (unfortunately). After 4 hours of sitting in the car, we came to our hotel, went to dinner and for a walk on the beach. The sea is amazing and quite warm. The hotel itself is not really luxurious but it is ok because luxury is not a necessity. The food is amazing as well. They have a lot of vegan options which is quite nice! I love it here.

(BTW: the only bad thing about this place is the wifi. It is so slow...)


What is your favourite destination? Do you enjoy being around the sea?


štvrtok 28. júla 2016



Hello beautiful people! How are you today?

Today was such a hard and long day. We travelled from Belgrade to Sofia and it took ages because the highway was full of cars. I guess a lot of people are going on a vacation as well. I was so nervous waiting in the queue because it was hot and just...oh. As I said, it was difficult.
When we arrived to our hotel (which is absolutely stunning!), we immidiately looked up public transport and went to the shopping center. I have never seen a shopping center like this in my life. It was huge and beautifully organised. I loved it. 
After that, we tried to find the city center but we were lost. We were walking around completely clueless for about 1,5 hours. Luckily, we found the main street and finally sat up at Mc Donalds. I personally did not eat there, but it was the only place which had a place to sit.
Sofia is a magical place. I love it. Franly, I like it more than Belgrade but Belgrade had better athmosphere. Anyway, have you ever been to any of those places? If so, did you like it? Let me know!

Neverending row.

streda 27. júla 2016


*Travel diaries*
Hello beautiful people! How are you?

Today me and my father went to see the center of Belgrade again, but this time we also went to Kalemegdan (castle). It was truly beautiful and breathtaking. I also did some shopping.

utorok 26. júla 2016



Hellas beautiful People.  Long time no see. How are you?

I'm writing you from Belgrade, Serbia. I'm so excited to be here. I'm here for 2 days and then I am going to Bulgaria and Romania. I am planning to do outfit diaries as much as possible. Hope you enjoy!

 Shirt- Gate
 Skirt- H&M
 Shoes- Converse


utorok 7. júna 2016


Hello everybody. It has been a long time again. A lot of things have happened since I last talked to you. I went to Prague to a cheerleading competition which you can watch here. It was a pleasant experience and I had so much fun.

Summer is approaching and for the last 2 years, I always thought summer was something bad. I hated it. I hated shorts, bathing suits and public pools. Right now I must admit, I love it (even tho it is so hot and I sweat like a pig). Do you have any plans for summer? I surely do. I can not wait till the end of the school year. You can look forward to new posts from me!!

As the sun rises and sets 

I will most likely still be in bed 

It is now I have the choice 

Between great rest or great noise 

Between ocean swims or Netflix 

Between ephemeral love or friendships 

To soak in the heat or A/C 

To follow the stars or flow with the breeze 

For memories to store 

For moments to regret 

A time to leave things up to chance or to start all over again 

As the waves crash to shore 

I will watch; I will adore 

These freedoms; these choices 

Are what summer is for


nedeľa 8. mája 2016


Hello everyone, how are you?

I thought I'd post my outfit I wore yesterday. It was a nice sunny day. How was your weekend?

Glasses- I bought them a while ago on some website. I'm sure it's not in stock anymore.


I'm in love with this song.


streda 27. apríla 2016


Hello everyone. How are you?

Recovery is the hardest part of every illness, I think. It might take months and years..But it will eventually work. I want to share my recovery from major depressive disorder and anxiety.

My mental illness started a while ago, probably 3-4 years ago. My 'official' recovery started in february 2014 but I wasn't ready for it. It was too soon. One thing I've learned is that with depression you need a lot of time and patience. It's something so deep and personal and can not be treated within a few weeks. The real recovery starts when you are ready for it and when you tell yourself now I am getting better and I feel healthy. It's when you can handle things on your own-at least most of the time.

My real recovery started in March. I'm not quite sure though. I decided to recover and I decided to be happy again. Why? I was fed up with this shitty life I was living. I used to be at home alone crying about all the things I haven't done. because of depression. One day I just said to myself : OK that's enough I'm going out. That was it. I went out, met a new guy and since then, I've been meeting tons of new people, I've been going out with my new friends and I've never felt happier.

Everything is in your hands you just need to wait for the right time. You need to take some time to heal yourself, to truly understand what your soul needs. After you realise it, everything will change and you will grow.

All you need is some time and to forgive yourself. Do it. Please.


pondelok 18. apríla 2016

Hello. I really miss blogging. I miss taking pictures of nature and embarassing outfits. I miss doing "dear diary".

In the past, I used to say that I'm sick and tired to do anything because of my depression. Now I can proudly say that I'm too busy with friends and other activities! I like my "new life", however I really do miss blogging.

For the longest time, I've wanted to be a fashion and beauty blogger and I still do but don't get me wrong, now I feel like I have so much more to share with people. I want to share things I've learned, experiences I've gained over the past 3-4 years. I want to make content which can be helpful and valuable for others. I want to make this blog something like my diary, journal and place where I can meet with people and share my interests with them. I want to be able to express myself in the best way possible.

I want to write about everything in life. I want your feedback.

Everything's in my hands and I want to be active on my blog. We will see how it all turns out!

Have a nice day and don't forget to smile.


štvrtok 24. marca 2016



Hello everyone! How are you? 

Today, I want to talk to you about style. Everyone has different preferences, so it's only natural that everyone dresses somewhat different. People tend to get a bit judgemental if they don't like what you wear and that's normal (only if it doesn't affect you in a bad way). Frankly, I think everyone should wear whatever they want. I don't give a damn about what you have on since it is your body and your life. I encourage you to wear what you want and love it, because there will always be that 'hater'. I want you to dress how you truly want. If you want to follow trends, great do it! If you don't, that's amazing too! 

The reason why I'm telling you this is because I used to adjust to other people. I didn't dress how I truly wanted, because I thought others won't like it. And that's wrong, because I shouldn't have cared about others. 

Now, I dress how I want. Of course, sometimes I get insecured and don't want to put on that crazy stuff I usually wear.

Always remember, no matter what, be yourself and express yourself the way you want. It's your life.


pondelok 14. marca 2016


Do whatever you want and do not be scared what others think. Live your life the way you want and don't let others ruin it. If you want to dance, then dance. If you want to smoke, smoke. If you want to sing loudly, just do it! Breathe and let your soul be happy, because one day you will wake up and realise you are 48 years old and you didn't live the way you wanted. You won't regret the things you have done, you will regret the things you have never ended up doing. 

Everything is in your hands. Appreciate it and make the best of it. Good luck.


nedeľa 6. marca 2016


Hello, everybody. Haven't seen ya in a while huh? I'm sorry. Today's topic is more on the serious side, mainly because I think it's important for people to know more about mental illnesses. I mean real mental illnesses. No glamorization. Just the truth.

I've been struggling with depression for over 3 years. You may say it's not that long but to be honest, it took a big part of my teenage years, which happens to be the best years of our lives. Well, not for me. If you don't exactly know what depression is, just look it up on wikipedia. Depression took a lot of things away from me. I want to share it with you. Maybe you also know someone who is struggling and this might help you understand that person better.

Depression took my friends away. I used to be really talkative and sociable. Right now I am so anxious that sometimes I don't leave my house. I don't wanna meet with people because I'm scared I'll annoy them or I'll embarrass myself. I get so self-conscious and unsure, I start blushing and sweating. I stopped talking to half of the people in the picture. I don't know why. I used to sit at home crying, because I felt so alone yet I couldn't keep up with my friends or make new ones. So I lost them.

Depression made me stop with dance. In 2013, I think, it got so intense I wasn't able to go to the classes. I had to quit. Luckily, I participate in Cheerleading and I'm trying to get better and bring my passion for dance back.

Depression took all of my interests away. I need to find them again. It left me with blank space in my head. 

Depression took my physical health away. From all those pills and other stuff my body's always shaking and sweating. My stomach always hurts  as well as my head. My hair is falling off and my acne has never been worse. Insomnia came with depression as well and it's almost impossible for me to sleep properly. 

Depression made my world black and grey. Nothing would give me pleasure or even joy. Everything was black and sad. My clothes, my vision, my soul.. I remember what my father once said: 'You look so bad in dark colours. What happened? You used to be way more colourful.' I guess I have to find my colours back.

But the most important thing depression stole from me was 'me'. I lost myself. My true self. My personality. I don't know who I am. Will I ever know? I desperately wanted to be loved that I changed over and over again until one day I found out that I'm someone I don't know. I'm a walking body, a confused soul. 

But on the other hand, depression has taught me a lot of different things that I want to talk about in my next post. Would you like to see a post like that? Let me know.

Please watch this video and also this one.

"All i have left to decide is whether or not to put on the life vest before throwing myself into the ocean that is waiting for me to die,

Some nights i cry because i miss the breath of my demons sleeping next to me.
Some nights i cry because they take up too much of my bed.
Some nights i cry because the darkness doesn't let me see,
Some nights i cry because i have a monster as a pet.

And i feed it well.
I hate how much i love it.

Its name is depression."


nedeľa 7. februára 2016


Hello lovelies, how are you today? :)

Today I thought I would make a post about my "spring wishlist" a.k.a. things I really want and had my eye on for ages. I'd love to know what you want to buy for the upcoming spring season. Let me know!

Oh and also, for the next post I'd love to write about Insomnia and also about music. Would you like me to do it? Let me know.

You might have seen these in my xmas wishlist I did last year. I've been wanting these shoes for so long but it seems like they are impossible to find anywhere. I've browsed through lots of websites but they are just not in stock. If you live in Slovakia or Czech Republic, please let me know where I can find them!


Everyone needs a staple black jeans and high wasted shorts. I don't have em. And I need them. Now.

I think I've posted a picture of a similar backpack in my last post. Luckily, I found something that looks like this...ehm..kind of. You can check it out here.

Let me know what's on your spring wishlist in the comments!


pondelok 1. februára 2016