nedeľa 28. augusta 2016


Throwback to my travel diaries series.

Hello! Ever since we have left Rumunia, I did not have an acces to my laptop, because it is being repaired. I asked my friend to borrow me his laptop so here I am. 
I hope I will get my laptop as soon as possible, because I am planning tons of fall outfits and other exciting things! Enjoy this little throwback and I will hopefully see you soon.

utorok 9. augusta 2016



Hello everybody! How are you?

I must admit I am not in Bulgaria anymore, but frankly the WiFi in our hotel was so bad, I just could not be bothered to post anything. So, I am back! I am in Romania righ now. Actually, I am leaving tomorrow and finally going home from this 2 weeks long vacation. I am happy to go home. I want to be in my bed again and meet my friends. I will do an uptade on my social life soon because I think you would find it interesting. Enough rambling now. Enjoy my last post from Golden Sands! :) (and look forward to post from Targoviste, Romania!)

pondelok 1. augusta 2016


Hello everyone! How are you?

The WiFi in our hotel did not work yesterday so I couldn´t add a post. I apologize. Frankly, the WiFi is still shit and it is taking me ages to do anything. 

These pictures were taken two days ago when we first went to the Golden Sands city. I am not a big fan of it since the clubs there are really inappropriate, They sexualize women in the worst way possible and I was quite disgusted. Not mentioning that the clubs are close to hotels where families live with their little kids. Oh and also, it is really messy.

But other than that it´s okay.