nedeľa 25. septembra 2016


Hello beautiful people! How are you?

*Do you want fall outfit series? Let me know!*

Autumn is finally upon us and frankly, I am feeling the excitement going though my veins. I love autumn. It is inspiring, melancholic, gloomy and incredibly beautiful. Who agrees? I find myself way more creative in these colder seasons. On the other hand, I am also way more sad. Not sure why, but I heard that people are digging deeper into themselves when it comes to autumn/winter. What do you think? I think it is true. Indeed, that is my case, I am really sensitive to weather changes (including seasons of course!).

I have a relaxed and casual outfit for you that I wore on Thursday. School has started and slowly it is becoming harder and harder. I am fine with it (surprisingly). BTW: I love this weather! I love love love autumn clothes so much. Fall fashion in general is stunning and way more appealing (at least to me).


sobota 3. septembra 2016


Hello everybody! Are you excited for my fall series? I have done it last year and I have truly enjoyed it.

This is the first "autumn" related post, although the pictures were taken in summer. It was colder that day so..pssst. Me and my friend went on a little trip and we had a nice time. I only have three pictures which is sad, but when doing these series I will try to take more pictures and create better content. I hope you are excited as much as I am.