štvrtok 27. októbra 2016


Hello, lovelies!

Happy Halloween!!

Today I have an autumn outfit for you with a twist. This is my bunny costume that is appropriate for school since people in our country don't really celebrate Halloween. Also, this outfit is a little bit different for me because I wanted to style a pencil skirt like this for ages, but I couldn't think of any casual ways of styling it. This is what I came up with today. I hope you will enjoy it as much as me! (shout out to my boyfriend for these pictures!)

nedeľa 16. októbra 2016


Hello, everyone! How are you today?


I've been absent on my blog recently because of health problems. It had gotten much worse two weeks ago and I ended up going to the doctors this week, so I missed out in school again. I wasn't having a good time really, even tho I didn't go to school.

Frankly, I did think about my blog. I hung out with my boyfriend yesterday and he was kind enough to take pictures of me.

Fall season is a season for all black witchy outfits and that's why I'm serving you this black look featuring my new bomber jacket. Excitement. I must admit I love my original harrington more, tho. Nonetheless, I am in love with this dark outfit so I hope you will be too!

 Spot my bomber jacket.

štvrtok 13. októbra 2016