streda 25. januára 2017


Hello! How are you? :)

I haven't done this kind of post in a really long time. I like doing them, I'm just not sure if you like them. Tell me if you wanna see more! I'd love to know.

Obviously, January isn't over yet, but I still wanted to post this. I don't think I'll discover any products this month. Most of these products I got for Christmas and I am beyond grateful for them. I love these products and I use them quite frequently. I hope you will enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed doing it! Let's get started. :)

 My all time favourite foundation is Revlon Colorstay. I am in the shade Ivory because I'm really pale. I use it mainly underneath the eyes and like an eye primer. I hardly ever use it as a foundation bc I stay away from foundation as much as I could because my skin is terrible, but when I use it on my face I love it. Keep in mind I have really oily skin and this is really good. I don't feel oily when I wear it and it looks beautiful on the skin. I got this product when I was in Krakow, so I'm not quite sure where you can get this in Slovakia. You can try this website.

utorok 17. januára 2017


Hello everyone! How are you?

My head is empty and I feel so odd. I am not living my life I am just over here watching life passing by as if I have never been a part of it.

Oh and also I can't walk. How cool is that? My leg and back got injured so all I can do now is lay in bed. The saddest thing is I can't train. I miss my cheer club so much (click). I won't be able to work out for the next two weeks at least which is so unfortunate. Wish me luck!

Anyway, since I am a piece of sh*t I don't have any other posts prepared. I will try to get better.

Last grunge post.

nedeľa 8. januára 2017


Long time no see & Happy New year!! :)

How are you all doing? I have been so innactive since last year and I do have a reason for that. In one of my previous posts I wrote about my health getting bad again. Due to my really annoying health problems I could not post on my blog, but I was still active on my instagram (@jayypam).

How has been your 2017 so far? I would love to know! I have had some rough days, but you know new year new motivation (so lame).

One fact you did not know is that my bestie ALEX  (click) visited me. I had such a great time with my baby and I can not wait to see her again! She is my sunshine.

In today's post I'm gonna insert a few pictures from my trip to Dedinky.(click) Alex, my boyfriend and I went to my family's cottage and we also spent New Year's Eve there. Enjoy the pictures and I will talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: Pictures are unedited.