štvrtok 15. júna 2017


Hello! Long time no see.

I've been M.I.A. on my blog because life has been crazy, but I'm glad I'm back!

Today's post is inspired by Arhaus. 

In this post, I'm showing you what my dream closet would look like. It's pretty important because your closet holds all your clothes and maybe even shoes. I think we should pay more attention to closets. You can have so much fun decorating it or even building it! :)

There's a theme going on with white furniture such as this one. I love the minimalistic look of plain white furniture because it simply goes with everything and you can put your art (or paintings) on it. Furniture in my room (my closet and table) is white and I love putting paintings on it because it feels more like home and it looks good as well! What would your dream closet look like? Let me know!

When it comes to makeup storage, I still prefer white even though it can get pretty dirty.

It all looks just so clean and simple.

Look at the little chandelier. It's so cute. I've always wanted one in my room. Not only do light fixtures make a room look more put together, but also they are one of the most important aspects of a dressing room. If you don't have proper lighting, it can make your clothes look faded and washed out. It can even make your physical appearance look less appealing and cause you to lose focus on your clothing and outfits. Good lighting such as pendant lights can help give you and your clothes the fabulous look we all want! 

What would your dream closet look like? Let me know!!

Huge thanks belongs to Arhaus, I loved working with them. Definitely check them out, they have amazing stuff!


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